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An Introduction to Pairing Natural Wine and Food

Pairing wine is always a scary topic! Add onto it the idea of pairing NATURAL wines and it seems like the conversation should become even more complex. Never fear, we're here to help you navigate what to drink with your next meal and simplify it so you don't feel like you have to memorize regions or obscure wine classifications again!

Before we get into what wines go with what (we'll link below to each wine type from a special series we’re running) below is our cheat sheet to flavor profiles and meals that we use to classify our own wines and that you can use to more easily match your meal to your food! So for example, if we say something pairs well with shellfish, we're thinking things like Shrimp, Lobster, or Crab. Dairy would include soft cheese and hard cheese, etc.

Wine By Flavor Profile
Red Meat
Beef Beef
Lamb Lamb
Cured Meat
Salami Salami
Bacon Bacon
Pork   Pork
Chicken Chicken
Duck Duck
Turkey Turkey
Oyster Oyster
Mussel Mussel
Tuna Tuna
Salmon Salmon
Crudo Crudo
Shrimp Shrimp
Crab Crab
Lobster Lobster
Grilled or Barbecued   Grilled
Sautéed & Fried   Sauteed
Roasted   Roasted
Poached & Steamed   Steamed
Soft Cheese and Cream   Soft Cheese
Hard Cheese   Hard Cheese
Onion & Garlic   Garlic
Green Veggies   Cabbage
Root Veggies   Pumpkin
Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant   Tomatoe
Mushrooms   Mushroom
Nuts & Seeds   Almonds
Herb & Spices
Beans & Peas   Peas
Black Pepper   Pepper
Red Pepper   Chili Pepper
Hot & Spicy   Spicey
Herbs   Basil
Baking Spices   Baking Spice
Exotic and Aromatic Spices   Ginger
White Starches   Flour
Whole Wheat Grains   Grain
Sweet Starchy Veggies   Sweet Potato
Potato   Potato
Fruit & Berries   Blueberries
Vanilla & Caramel   Cake
Chocolate & Coffee   Chocolate
Wine By Meal Type
Tacos   Taco
Pasta   Pasta
Sushi   Sushi
Stew   Stew
Risotto   Risotto
Sandwich   Sandwich
Steaks   Steak
Salad   Salad
Thai/Korean   Korean Food
Pizza   Pizza
Burger   Burger
Indian   Curry
Brunch   Pancakes

Stay tuned for our upcoming natural wine pairing guide collaborations! We’ll be partnering with foodies and chefs for each wine style to give you both a broad overview of what pairs best, as well as give a specific recipe for what we would pair with one of our wines fitting that style.

Up first will be Medium Red! From there we’ll be working on: Light White, Rich White, Sparkling, Light Red, Bod Red, Light Rose, Bold Rose, Light Orange, Medium Orange, Bold Orange and Dessert!

Most of our styles are already paired with food collaborators but we do have 3-4 spots left so if you are a chef/foodie or know someone who is, hit us up at info@throughthegrapevine.co

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