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Donating Profit Until 1/15 to Australia Wildlife Rescue

The situation in Australia is downright scary. I'm sure everyone's heard the figures. People have been forced out of their homes, millions of animals have died, and there's been a huge economic cost to this disaster that, by all accounts, has been driven by global warming caused by humans. Australia is experiencing one if its worst droughts in decades coupled with record-breaking heat last month.

Our hearts break for everyone affected by this disaster. There's not a ton we can do, but we've decided we want to help.

For the next week (until January 15th) we're going to be donating all profit from retail orders to WIRES, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization. 


For those interested in other ways they can help please see below (source).

Support rural business

  • Spend With Them - Help rebuild towns and businesses affected by fire by supporting local business

  • Buy From The Bush showcases many small, rural community businesses you can support through purchases

  • One Day Closer to Rain Same as above, showcasing small business to support by buying locally made goods

How to Fundraise


Charity Search

ChangePath - ChangePath can help you find charities that matter to you, with ratings for their transparency

ACNC Charity Registery


  • WIRES - Help native animals survive and recover. The website is currently re-directing to a Facebook-based fundraiser

  • RSPCA - Animal Protection Society, domestic animal focus

  • Animal Welfare League - On the ground with mobile vet centres in crisis areas. Relies on donations

  • Wildlife Victoria - Protecting wildlife through our rescue, education, and advocacy activities

  • Taronga Zoo Conservation Program - Emergency appeal for assistance is native animal conservation


Mental Health

  • Rural and Remote Mental Health - Delivering early intervention and prevention based mental health programs Australia-wide

  • HeadSpace - For young people who need help with mental health, physical health (including sexual health), alcohol and other drugs or work and study support

  • Men's Shed - Bringing men together to facilitate positive lifestyle choices and health outcomes

  • LifeLine - Providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services

  • BeyondBlue - Information and support to help everyone in Australia with their mental health

Farm Relief

  • Hay Runners - Providing donated hay to drought and fire-affected farmers in Australia

  • Need for Feed- Providing donated hay, pet food and essentials to drought and fire-affected farmers in Australia

  • BlazeAid - Helps to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed

  • Victorian Farmer's Federation - Coordinating fodder relief for farmers affected by bushfires in Gippsland and the Upper Murray

  • NSW Farmer's Association - Providing relief to farmers affected in NSW


Individual Community Relief

  • Help Cobargo Rebuild - My home town of Cobargo was destroyed, I have set up a GoFundMe to provide funds for the Cobargo community to be distibuted the the local CWA

  • Save Mogo - a fund to help Mogo, another beautiful heritage town destroyed in the last few days

Greater Community Relief

Major Community Relief


Donating Household Items & Food

Please be aware, charities like the Red Cross DO NOT have the capacity to be taking items/food you would like to donate. The Victorian Minister has said today (05.01.20) that item donation is currently exceeding the capacity they have to accept, store and distribute items. Please consider other ways to help.

Donate Blood, Plasma and Breast Milk

  • Donate Blood and Plasma - Red Cross - Blood and Plasma are always important, moreso in a crisis.

  • Milk Bank - Red Cross - Breastfeeding Mothers can assist babies who need milk.

  • Mother's Milk Bank - Breastfeeding Mothers can assist babies who need milk.

Donate items for animal welfare

Offer your home for emergency housing

  • AirBnB Open Homes - AirBnB has a function that allows you to offer temporary accodomodation to relief workers and evacuees.

  • FindABed - A place where people with a spare bed and people who need a place for themselves or their animals can connect. 

  • Helping Homes - Connecting people and pets & livestock with temporary housing.

Donate Food

  • FoodBank Provides food relief in the wake of natural disasters. Donations will go towards providing essential supplies to support emergency workers and affected communities as they recover.

Donate Items

UPDATE 07.01.20 - Although common items are at capacity, UNCOMMON, HIGH-VALUE ITEMS ARE REQUIRED. Click here for my post about what is required in the coming months.

Please do not deliver unsolicited items to evacuation centres, community recovery hubs or affected areas. Contact the below charities if you have anything to offer.

  • Givit! - Accepts all types of household items for effected people. Have not confirmed if international donations are accepeted, but the enquiry form allows for addresses outside Australia.

  • The Bower - Sydney Metro locations. Reclaiming household items for reuse, repair and resale. Proivding additional services for the bushfire emergency.


Due the dangerous nature of the fires, only trained emergency services volunteers are able to respond in disaster-effected areas.

Volunteering in your state

  • LandCare Australia - Help reforest Australia.

  • GoVolunteer - Places near you that need volunteers for all different situations out of immediate danger.

You CANNOT volunteer in fire-effected areas for the Rural Fire Service if you are not already trained.

Please note you will not immediately be deployed into the field if you volunteer with the Rural Fire Service. There is a process for induction, background checks and training for all of the services. Although you probably can't help now, signing up means you can help your community in the future. Please consider your communities future and volunteer if you can.

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