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Natural Wine Gift Ideas

When it comes to wine drinking there are a lot of components and thousands of gift ideas! Drinking natural wine isn't really different from drinking regular wine, but we've put some great examples of natural wine gift ideas ranging from literature, wine swag, and wine itself!

Below we'll walk through each step of the wine process and products we recommend based on your experience and budget:

Wine Opening

Our Take

Opening a bottle of wine seems simple, but most people have strong preferences on how it's done. Our preference is the traditional waiter's corkscrew cut below the lip of the bottle. But, if you have your mother with arthritis coming over, the automatic ones can be pretty fun to play with too.

Our Favorite

Natural Wine Bottle OpenerProfessional Waiter’s Corkscrew by HiCoup

You can spend a lot of money on a corkscrew, but this one by HiCoup has all the same practical function and you won't be mad if you lose it!


For your Mom

Automatic Wine Bottle OpenerElectric Wine Opener by Secura

Another one where you can spend a lot or a little, but this electric opener has everything you need to get your bottle open in a hurry!

For Old Wine

Ah So Wine OpenerAh So by Monopol

If you want to really impress your friends or drink a lot of old wine, the Ah So, two-pronged opener is a great opener to have in a pinch (get it!).



Wine Decanting

Our Take

Not every bottle needs decanting, and decanters don't need to be fancy. The goal is to have a vessel appropriate for wines that need to breath before drinking. This means those glass ones with toppers that you use for spirits aren't typically the best option, rather those with a larger mouth.

Most Practical

Natural Wine DecanterDecanter by Le Chateau

This decanter is exactly what you think of when you picture wine decanting. It has nice curvatures and a large head that makes it easier to pour into. Perfect entry level decanter.

Most Coveted

Zalto Wine DecanterZalto Decanter

If you're really wanting to impress your friends and have some cash to burn, Zalto is where everyone in wine right now wants their wine from. (If anyone reading this wants to get me a present, I'll take any Zalco products :)


Most Geeky

Aerating DecanterSuper Aerating by Rabbit

Rabbit has gone a step beyond and added two pieces to their decanter that force the wine to touch more of the glass and decant quicker.




Our Take

You don't need a LOT of glasses for different wine, but there are reasons for each type. Below are our basics for white, red, and sparkling. You can find more information about all the glasses you can use for each wine type on our blog when you're ready to upgrade!


Basic Wine GlassesOvid by Villeroy & Boch

If you're looking for a starter set, this one ticks all the boxes for size, top exposure, and materials. While not as fancy as those below, you also won't feel as bad throwing them in the dishwasher!



Reidel Wine GlassesOverture by Reidel

We love these sets because you can buy in groups of two (allowing you to spend Reidel prices) and still have them all match. The glass width is perfect and you can't go wrong with any of these.


Zalto Wine GlassesZalto Denk'Art Universal Glass

Back on the Zalto train, if you have the money to spend, these guys really are the best in show. The universal glass is built to work with most wines and will really up your tasting experience.




Our Take

You have your decanter (if it's red) and you have the right glasses for your wine, what else could you possibly need?! Oh trust us, there's a lot out there if you want to keep your wine the right temperature, pour correctly, and look like a wine badass. 

Ice Bucket

Wine CoolerWB-8 by Winco

We recommend ice buckets in particular for sparkling wines or something like a Muscadet. 4-8 quarts should be enough to hold the ice. Remember: 1/3 ice, 1/3 water, 1/3 air!


Chilled Holder

Marble Wine ChillerChiller by Modern Innovations

You can go with stainless steel or marble for a chilled wine holder. I prefer marble because of look and holding temperature longer. This one is very reasonably priced and looks elegant.


Wine Pourer FoilThe Original WineDisc - Great stocking stuffer!

There are all kinds of pourers out there (including animal heads) but for our purposes, the original discs get the job done and work well with many bottles open. 




Our Take

This might be hard to believe, but sometimes people don't finish drinking all the wine and want a way to ensure the quality stays high to drink it later. While none of these options work forever, they will greatly enhance the amount of time you can continue enjoying your wines.

Use a Pump

Vacu Vin Wine PumpThe Original Vacu Vin - Great Stocking Stuffer!

The simplest way to get the air out of your bottle is to pump it out with a special stopper that allows the air to come through and reseal. Can be used with any kind of regular size bottle.

Use Gas


By far one of the coolest inventions to come to wine in this decade. The Coravin allows you to pour a taste or glass of your wine before opening it, replacing the space with argon gas.

High Tech

Dual Wine PreserverDual Zone Wine Preserver by EuroCave

This one only works if you have counter space but man is it cool! You can have the bottle preserved AND perfectly stored at the right temperature.




Our Take

Now that you have all this wine, let's stop putting it on top of the fridge where it's most likely to go bad from temperature change! You want your wine in a safe, secure, dark, space. Those you're ready to drink now should be prepped differently than those for aging.

Ready to Drink

Wine FridgeWine Cooler by Ivation

This one isn't too large and has dual temperature for whites and reds. It's the perfect spot for you to store the wines you plan on busting open in the next few weeks.


Saving for Later

Wine StackerStackable Wine Rack - Sorbus

While not the sexiest wine rack, these are incredibly practical because you can stack them 1x1. This is useful because the coolest, darkest, place may be a different size space for everyone.


Under Cabinet Wine Glass HolderUnder Cabinet Stemware Rack

Because wine glasses are typically funky heights and shapes, under the cabinet is the perfect place to hang them and is also great at creating extra space in your cabinets.



Our Take

There are so many great books out there on natural wine that we'll have to make a longer post about it another day, but in the meantime here are our favorite publications right now that you can share!

The Book

Natural Wine Book by Isabelle LegeronNatural Wine by Isabelle Legeron

As the founder of the RAW WINE events and a Master of Wine, Isabelle literally wrote the book on Natural Wine. It's a great read and a must have for anyone learning about natural wines.


The Magazine

pipette magazine on natural winePipette

Pipette Magazine is an independent, biannual print magazine about natural wines, distributed globally. The magazine highlights small producers of natural wine, and the communities around them, through an edgy, contemporary perspective.



We hope this helps you find some great gifts for the natural wine lovers  in your life from this list! If you want to actually ship them some natural wine as well we have online retail and a natural wine club you can check out!


Want more book options? Check out our study guide!

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