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Where to Find Natural Wine: Bushwick

Talk about places dedicated to natural wine! There are so many amazing spots in New York that we have to break this out into different posts. This week we'll focus on what we're considering Bushwick, including Bushwick itself, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint. So, if you've been asking yourself where you can find natural wine in Williamsburg, the easy (and awesome) answer is almost a stones throw away from wherever you are!

Unlike other parts of the US where it can be really hard to find natural wine stores, or restaurants that even know what it is, Brooklyn in particular has an incredible community around natural wine and even hosts the Raw Wine fairin Bushwick each year. So, put on your party hat, grab a map, and dive into some of these awesome spots!


Almost/All Natural Wines

Alameda - 195 Franklin Street, NY 11222

Adelina's - 159 Greenpoint Ave, NY 11222

Chez Ma Tante - 90 Calyer St, NY 11222

Sauvage - 905 Lorimer St, NY 11222

Reynard - 80 Wythe Ave, NY 11249

Pheasant - 445 Graham Ave, NY 11211 

Concord Hill - 374 Graham Ave, NY 11211

Have & Meyer - 103 Havemeyer St, NY 11211

Cape House - 2 Knickerbocker Ave, N Y 11237

Faro - 436 Jefferson St, NY 11237

OPS - 346 Hilmrod St, NY 11237

Roberta's - 261 Moore St, NY 11206

Demi-Monde - 257 Varet St, NY 11206


Dandelion - Natural Wine Store Bushwick New York

Almost/All Natural Wines

Dandelion Wine - 153 Franklin St., NY 11222

UVA Wines - 199 Bedford Ave, NY 11211

The Natural Wine Company - 211 N 11th St, NY 11211

Vine Wine - 616 Lorimer St, NY 11211

Bibber & Bell - 418 Union Ave, NY 11211

Irving Bottle - Irving Ave 155, NY 11237


Wine Bars:  

Natural Wine

Almost/All Natural Wines

Achilles Heel - 180 West St., NY 11222

The Four Horsemen - 295 Grand St., NY 11211

Maison Premiere - 298 Bedford Ave, NY 11211

Hotel Delmano - 82 Berry St, NY 11211

1or8 - 66 S 2nd St, NY 11249

Maite - 159 Central Ave, NY 11221

Benelux - 25 Bogart St, NY 11206


While we've been to a few of these places, we know there are also lots more so let us know in the comments if you've been to some of these places or if we're missing any that should be on here. Thanks for all your support and happy drinking!

Want to know all the places you can find natural wine?

Check out our Where to Find Natural Wine Guide!

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  • Have you had natural wine at Maison Premiere? I was there this week and the server/manager/bartender had no knowledge of natural wines but kept pointing to a couple on the menu that tasted of “minerals” which was the only word they would use when I asked for a natural wine.


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