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Valpolicella | 2017 | 12.5%

Product image 1Valpolicella | 2017 | 12.5%
Product image 2valpolicella natural wine
Product image 3Valpolicella | 2017 | 12.5%
Product image 4Valpolicella | 2017 | 12.5%
Product image 5Emanuela | Il Monte Caro
Product image 6Valpolicella | 2017 | 12.5%
Product image 7Valpolicella | 2017 | 12.5%

Regular price $19.95

Il Monte Caro | Verona, Italy 

Vintage: 2017 
Valpolicella DOC 
35 mg/L 
Spontaneous Fermentation 

This entry-level wine from Il Monte Caro offers incredible value for the price tag. Made of a blend of Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella grapes and aged in stainless steel. 

This is a medium-body, high-acid wine that's not what you'd expect from this classic wine region. Serve slightly chilled with food like chicken, salmon, or even burgers. 

RAW Wine Classifications:

Organically Grown Made by Hand  Balanced, Traditional winemaking process Low cellar intervention Promote wellbeingLow SulfiteUnfinedUnfiltered

What do these symbols mean?

Pairing Suggestions: Chicken, Salmon with heavy sauce, Burger


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