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Fall Natural Wine Box

Product image 1Fall Natural Wine Box
Product image 2Fall Natural Wine Box
Product image 3Fall Natural Wine Box
Product image 4Fall Natural Wine Box
Product image 5Fall Natural Wine Box
Product image 6Fall Natural Wine Box
Product image 7Fall Natural Wine Box

Regular price $154.95 Sale price $206.95


Fall is all about delving into the wines that warm your soul. We've put together a box that exemplifies those wines at a price that will allow you to stock your next party!

For this box, we've taken 6 bottles of what should be over $210 of natural wine and discounted it to $154.95 so that you can enjoy your the start of fall to the fullest! That's 25% discount on these wines!

See our blog and the video below for more information on why we love and picked these wines!

NOTE: Some of these wines are heavily allocated to our wine club members, so we only have 8 of these boxes available for retail.


Here's what's in the box:

Megalodon | le petit domaine

For that pumpkin dish you’re dying to make:
Smooth Syrah from this wine makes it a perfect pairing for pumpkin ravioli or other preps of this fabulous fall food.

Les Tondeuses | Domaine Mamaruta

For the football game with nachos
Another delightful easy drinking red from Marc Castan! 100% Grenache that pairs perfectly with RedZone or College Gameday.

Saignee Rosato | Aldo Viola

For your fall picnic basket
It’s still a picnic so why not bring a rosé? This one is way darker than your average summertime Provencal rosé, and pairs perfectly with flannels, sandwiches, and a picnic basket.

Oracular | Domaine Mamaruta

For pairing with the apple dessert your making:
This is a pet-nat with the perfect amount of bubbles makes it a perfect pairing with your favorite fall desserts. It's also great for any occasion where you want to make a toast or generally celebrate the season!

Le Vin de Ma Cocotte | Domaine Mamaruta

For the ultimate turkey pairing

100% old vine Carignan is perfect for the turkey and the person making it! Holly’s grandmas favorite wine.

Shiva Bianco | Aldo Viola

For that special moment with the people who matter most
One of the greatest wines ever made by Aldo Viola and a perfect orange wine to be enjoyed on a chilly fall day!

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