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Dos Argente | 2018 | 14%

Product image 1Dos Argente | 2018 | 14%
Product image 2Dos Argente | 2018 | 14%

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David Large | BeaujolaisFrance 


100% Chardonnay

David's only white wine is a great example of Beaujolais Blanc, or the Chardonnay grape! Planted by his dad in the 90's the wine is made incredibly simply with direct pressing, no malolactic fermentation or barrel aging. This makes it a very crisp and delicious!

We recommend serving it not super cold, as you will get more out of it. Also note that it is unfiltered completely and has a significant amount of sediment! So be sure to either decant or watch the bottle as you pour.


Pairing Suggestions: Autumn Salads, Fondue would do great with it, Fish with light sauces.

Vintage: 2018
Beaujolais Blanc Village
Sulfites: Small amount added at bottling
Spontaneous Fermentation 

This wine has a lot of sediment in it, so check out the video below on how to carafe/decant it!
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