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Authentic. Natural. Raw.

These are words you’d associate with our producers and their wine. We love one-man producers, burly co-op men giving back to their community, and strong female vintners taking over their family’s business. We only seek out wines that are low sulfite, made with minimal intervention, and fermented with native yeasts.


Through the Grapevine implies conversation, passing on information, and discovering something new. It’s a name driven by something real. Real people, real stories, real experiences. We want our wines to create conversation, whether in our online community, or in person with your friends and family.
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Peoples tastes are evolving. Gone are the days of Wonderbread and Spam. We've grown up in an interconnected web of communication, cross-continental travel, and technology. It’s created a perspective that’s fueling hyperlocal food scenes, microbreweries in every town, and fair-wage clothes and manufacturing. This movement towards the local, the organic, and the interesting has rapidly began moving towards the wine scene. 
We wanted to create a company that can connect the bottle at your table with the producer that created it. The way we've done so is twofold:
First, we're building a portfolio of wine producers who truly care about the quality of the wine they're making. They don't cut corners to increase margins, they don't doctor they're wines in the cellar, and they don't intervene with the grapes on the vines. These producers are hard to find, impossible to get significant volume from, and don't always move as fast as we want them to. That said, they represent exactly what we're trying to bring in, and the wines they make are absolutely phenomenal. 
Second, we wanted to bring the experience and story behind these wines to a friendly, approachable online community where the only goal is immersion - immersion into the the weather facing that vintage, the terroir, the grapes, the farmers, and their families. 
We believe that the wines we bring in should focus on the conversation around the wine, the producer, and the hard work that went into the bottle at your table. Our tagline is “Because the Story Matters”, because to us, it truly does. 
Natural Wine Grapes



All our wine should be the natural expression of the grape, never doctored in the winery, even if it's harder.


There's a whole world of wine with people, places, and foods attached to them. We want to consistently be discovering them with you.


We believe in supporting both our producers and our online community via creating this exchange of one person's passion to another person's palette.


People who are passionate about the wine they create find joy in making it and create joy for the people consuming it. If it's not fun, don't do it or drink it.


Holly Berrigan Holly Berrigan - Partner Through the Grapevine Natural Wine

Holly has always been obsessed with food since kindergarten, having put eating as her favorite hobby in her biography. While living in Tuscany, Holly befriended several vintners in the area and became interested in the entire winemaking process. Since that time she's drank a lot of wine, met a lot of great people, and decided it was time to have a better excuse to eat and drink all the time, thus, here is Through the Grapevine. 
Wine Cred: Level 3 WSET, currently a WSET Diploma student. Introductory Sommelier in Court of Master Sommeliers.
Street Cred: Speaks French, Italian and Spanish. Can smell a Napa cab from 2 miles away.
Industry Cred: Wine conference speaker at ABID 2017

Nic Jansson - Partner at Through the Grapevine Natural Wine Niclas Jansson

Nic’s passion for wine has been fueled by a love of the fanciful, the interesting, and the different. Coffee, whiskey, beer, and wine are his four main food groups. He’s got more cookbooks and wine education books then most people have hairs on their head. Using his dual citizenship as a launching point, he’s explored wine regions all over Europe, always in search of something new. 

Wine Cred: Spent his college years in his friend’s family’s basement making wine. 

Street Cred: After recovering from 5 years in restaurant industry he's known to spend 3+ hours making dinner if he’s got a bottle of wine.

Industry Cred: Contributed to some Wine-Searcher articles.


Norman Norman the Wine Dog

Norman the Wine Dog is our head of customer service and wine sniffer. He's really quite the snob when it comes to wine, so don't get offended if he tells you he only likes premier cru and hasn't gotten into natural wine yet. Norm got into wine by casually hanging around the charcuterie plate long enough to realize the whole thing is associated with wine. So, after a sniff or two of the pairing, he enjoys some cheese or maybe a nice piece of prosciutto depending on the day.

You can find me on social as well: LinkedIn - Instagram

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