What is Through The Grapevine?

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We’re a direct-to-consumer natural importing company that offers both a wine club and an online store. In order to provide our customers with below-average price points on above-average wines, we source wines all over Europe, import them in small volumes via LCL shipping, and add them to the store. We never buy bulk wine, work with mass-produced wineries, or compromise on quality.

Who are you?

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To be honest, we’re just two people who really love natural wine! Three if you count Norman the Wine Dog. Read more about us on our About page.

How do you find these wines?

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That’s a great question! It varies a lot. We’ve found some wines at events like Raw Wine, have had a few reach out to us via email, have worked with foreign trade agencies, and even get recommendations from our followers on Instagram (if you have any recs, drop us a line!).

Are all your wines natural?

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Yes, always. We only work with small growers, that use low-intervention farming and cellar practices, are organic/biodynamic, use minimal or no sulfites, and who vinify via spontaneous fermentation with native yeast. For more information on how we define natural wine, check out our guide on “What Is Natural Wine”.

Wine Club

Tell me about the wine club!

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Our Natural Wine Club is a way for us to select our favorite wines and ship them to our customers on a regular basis. It’s cheaper than buying directly on our retail site, and you get a couple VIP benefits, too! Orders ship every other month, and you can choose between 3-4 bottles a month, or 6 bottles a month.

How many wines do I get?

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We currently have two options for ordering, a 3-bottle subscription and a 6-bottle subscription. Depending on what we can get our hands on, there may be two bottles of the same wine in the 12-bottle subscription.

Do you provide food pairings?

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Yes, we do! Both of us provide food pairing suggestions for each one of our wines, and we also check with our producers for their recommendations too! After all, no one has drank more of their wines than themselves!

Online Store

This wine is delicous! Can I get more?

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Yes! All our wines are available on our eCommerce store as well. If you see something you like, feel free to buy as much of it as you want! There is a catch, though. We work with extremely limited supply, so move fast. For example, we were only able to get 120 bottles of Megalodon from Le Petit Domaine. That’s just 10 cases!

Why is some wine preorder only?

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As we mentioned above, we work with small producers and limited inventory. Our collection is constantly growing and changing, and we add 3-4 new producers every quarter. We add our products to the website when they are picked up from the winery, and allow people to pre-order so they can get it right when it arrives stateside (usually in about 6-8 weeks).

How do gift orders work?

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For the online retail store,  simply add wines to your cart you would like to gift and put in the address of the recipient instead of your own for shipping information. We don’t have any gifting messaging options yet, but if you message us we’re happy to set something up for you manually. If you’d like to purchase a gift card for the online store reach out to us at


Where do you ship to?

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We're proud to cover almost every state in the United States. We are only legally not allowed to ship to the following states: AK, HI, UT, KY, AL, AR. Shipping typically takes 2-5 business days depending on your location.

$9.95 shipping? What the heck?!

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The alcohol industry in the United States is notoriously difficult to navigate, and shipping is no different. After the product itself, it's one of our biggest expenses on our balance sheet. Our shipping partner is one of the best in the business, and unfortunately, you pay for quality here. On the bright side, if you spent over $100, you’ll qualify for free shipping! (Members of the wine club only need to spend over $50 to get free shipping).

Do I need to be there to sign?

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Yes! Federal law requires the signature of someone 21+ for any alcohol delivery. We want to make sure you get your wine, so please make sure someone is there to sign for it when it comes. People often use work addresses to make sure they’ll be around.The delivery service will make three attempts before returning the shipment to our fulfillment center. Note that there will be a $20 restocking fee for returned shipments. If you're not able to produce an ID, the shipper will not be legally allowed to give you the wine!

How long will it take to arrive?

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On average it takes about 3 days to receive your wine. For larger metropolitan areas it will likely be less and for more rural it could be a day or two more.

What happens in the summer?

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We have an option to hold for weather at checkout! You can let us know in the notes when you want the wine shipped and we will send it at that time to not risk heat damage on the road to you.

Returns and Refunds

My wine arrived damaged, help!

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Damaged bottles very rarely happen, but in the event that you should have a broken bottle or damaged delivery issue, just email us at within 30 days of delivery. We will work with you to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction, which may include a refund.

Whats your refund policy?

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We want you to be satisfied with your wine purchase. If you are dissatisfied with any product you receive from us, email us at within 30 days of delivery. We will work with you to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction.

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