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We import, distribute, and sell real wines made by real people. Our focus is on small-producer natural wine in Europe. The wines are created with minimal intervention, unfined, unfiltered, and spontaneously fermented with native yeast.


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What makes Through the Grapevine amazing is the people behind the wine. Through the Grapevine has some of the best customer service ever, and that's why I keep coming back

- Clayton


We love every single bottle we have tried so far and keep ordering more of our favorites! Not only is everything high quality and informative, the customer service is top notch!

- Alissa


The wines are AMAZING. The personal touches of info cards and temperature controlled shipping were the marks of EXCELLENT customer service and respect for the wine!

- Jess

What Is Natural Wine Anyway?

Natural wine is style of farming and winemaking used to describe wines that are typically farmed organic or biodynamic with minimal intervention. They're hand-harvested and made without adding or removing anything during the winemaking process. This means no fining or filtering and no adding of acid, sugar or any other components. Some of them taste just like a conventional wine, and some of them are a little more daring. Whatever you like, we have something for you!

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