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Red Natural Wines



From Glou Glou to Complex

Interested in natural wines and love reds? There is an enormous selection to choose from with some of the lightest reds, that some people might even consider rose, to the heaviest and most complex we've tried.

Things to consider with red wines include:

-If they've gone through carbonic maceration

-How long they've spent on skins

-If they were whole bunch pressed or destemmed

These can all give you clues into what kind of wine you'll be buying!

Styles of Red Wine

It's easy to tell from our online store how much we love red wine here at Through the Grapevine! As the most drunk style of wine, and the one that people turn to for the health benefits like resveratrol, natural red wines are a hot commodity. In our selection you'll find light reds that we recommend you lightly chill, like Nibiru's Blauer Portugieser, medium bodied red wines both with classic feels, like our Valpolicellas, or a bit of funk, like Domaine Mamaruta's Les Tondeuses and full bodied, bold wines, like le petit domaine's Titan. Below you can sort the wines by grape type, country, producer, style, and even soil to find the exact type of natural red wine you're searching for!

Light Red Wines

Shop our light bodied natural red wines with minimal skin contact and tannin from producers across Europe.

Shop Light Red Wine

Medium Body Red Wines

Medium bodied reds are the most versatile of the bunch, with balanced profiles and typically the best pairings for everyday foods.

Shop Medium Red Wines

Bold Red Wines

Shop our bold red wines that will make you pause and contemplate what you're experiencing! Or wines that pair with steaks and really hefty meals. 

Shop Bold Reds

Pairing Red Wines

When pairing these styles of wines the things you should remember are:
1. Not all pairings work for all three types of red wines, but across the board they all have similar characteristics.
2. Don’t just think of the foods, remember sauces and sides! It can change the game of what you are pairing.
3. Always remember that pairings are about YOUR tastes and not just what typically is supposed to work for the wine and food.

Below you’ll find our cheat sheet of different foods and flavors that we recommend for each kind.

Symbol Pairing Type
x = Not a Great Pairing
o = Decent Pairing
O = Great Pairing

Download our red wine pairing guide

Click below to get a download of this sheet and pairing recommendations for all styles of red wine that you can copy and annotate for yourself!

Red Natural Wine Pairing Guide

Red Natural Wine Resources

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