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Baraka | 2014 | 12.5%

Product image 1Baraka | 2014 | 12.5%
Product image 2Baraka | 2014 | 12.5%
Product image 3Baraka | 2014 | 12.5%
Product image 4Baraka | 2014 | 12.5%
Product image 5Baraka | 2014 | 12.5%

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Le Petit Domaine | Montpeyroux, France 

100% Mourvedre

The first of this cuvee from 2014. Bottled in 2015 and then left it in the cellar for 5 years in bottle. Baraka is an amazing wine for its ability to maintain incredible freshness and fruity notes while still retaining typicity for the grape. It's a light-drinking heavy wine that you'll be shocked has 5 years of age on it!

Raw Wine Classifications:

Organically Grown Made by Hand  Balanced, Traditional winemaking process Low cellar intervention Promote wellbeing 

What do these symbols mean?

Pairing Suggestions: Salami, Stews, All the heavy carbs with saucesSalami Stew  Carbs Galore


Vintage: 2014
Appellation: IGP Pays de Herault
Sulfites: None added 
Spontaneous Fermentation 

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