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Embuscade | 2018 | 12.5%

Product image 1Embuscade | 2018 | 12.5%
Product image 2Embuscade | 2018 | 12.5%

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Moving on from the cremant, Envol also makes a delicious pet-nat from Pinot Noir that has a fairly dark coloring but is also light on the palette and a definite glou-glou wine. The best comparison I can make is that it is like a very dry Lambrusco and we’re super excited to drink it with barbeques or by itself with only 12.5% alcohol. The loosly translates to ambush, where you enter a party and are ambushed by the wine because it’s time to party. Raphael gave it this name because it is exactly that, once you pop it it’s miraculously gone in a flash because it’s such easy drinking.

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