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Le Vin de ma Cocotte | 2015 | 14%

Product image 1Le Vin de ma Cocotte | 2015 | 14%
Product image 2Le Vin de ma Cocotte | 2015 | 14%
Product image 3Le Vin de ma Cocotte | 2015 | Domain Mamaruta
Product image 4Marc | Domain Mamaruta
Product image 5Domaine Mamaruta Vines
Product image 6Le Vin de ma Cocotte | 2015 | 14%

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Domaine Mamaruta | Fitou, France

Vintage: 2015 
AOP Fitou 
10 mg/L 
Spontaneous Fermentation  

100% Carignan from 100 year old vines. Soft tannins balance maturity and freshness. Spontaneous fermentation, unfined, unfiltered, 100% natural.

Le Vin de Ma Cocotte is exactly what quality-minded producers in the Languedoc-Roussillion were thinking off when they started making wines designed to cast off Carignon's reputation as cheap, low quality, bulk wine. Using the best plots of land to grow grapes from centuries-old vines and natural vinification techniques have created a wine that's incredibly refined and well-balanced, with medium-high acid, medium tannin, and medium body. We'd recommend drinking the 2015 vintage now or allowing it to age a few more years

The smoothness of this wine allows it to be drank all on its own pre-dinner, but it loves to be paired with a charcuterie board, cheeses, or roasted poultry dishes. 

Raw Wine Classifications:

Organically Grown Made by Hand  Balanced, Traditional winemaking process Low cellar intervention Promote wellbeing 

What do these symbols mean?

Pairing Suggestions: Turkey, Salami, Soft Cheese

TurkeySalamiSoft Cheese

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