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Myrmidon | 2016 | 13%

Product image 1Myrmidon | 2016 | 13%
Product image 2Myrmidon | 2016 | 13%
Product image 3Myrmidon | 2016 | 13%
Product image 4Myrmidon | 2016 | 13%
Product image 5Myrmidon | 2016 | 13%
Product image 6Myrmidon | 2016 | 13%

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Le Petit Domaine | Montpeyroux, France 

100% Syrah

When we think of pure French Syrah, that is what Myrmidon is. Incredibly juicy with some spice and olives. Pairs well with many foods or is delicious on it's own.

3 part assemblage of different vinification approaches:

    1. Traditional vinification, whole grape macération for 2 days
    2. Traditional vinif, whole grape macération for 2 weeks
    3. Carbonic macération for 3 weeks

Bring it all together to make Myrmidon!
6 months in tank, 15mg/liter sulfur, unfined, unfiltered! 

Raw Wine Classifications:

Organically Grown Made by Hand  Balanced, Traditional winemaking process Low cellar intervention Promote wellbeing 

What do these symbols mean?

Pairing Suggestions: Grilled Meat, Dishes with Squid Ink, Sweet Starches
Grilled Meats Squid Ink Sweet Starches

Vintage: 2016
Appellation: IGP Pays de Herault
Sulfites: 15 mg/L

Spontaneous Fermentation 

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