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Piranha | 2018 | 13%

Product image 1Piranha | 2018 | 13%
Product image 2Piranha | 2018 | 13%

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David Large | BeaujolaisFrance 

100% Gamay

This is a negoce wine grown in clay/limestone. It’s well structured, and is a little stronger than its 12.5% alcohol would assume. The name Piranha stems from the fact that when he got started, David was considered a small fish in the region. However, Piranhas are tough, toothy, and should be taken seriously!

Pairing Suggestions: Savory Salads, Seared Tuna, Strawberries!

Vintage: 2018
Beaujolais Rouge
Sulfites: Small amount added at bottling
Spontaneous Fermentation 

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