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Red Natural Wine Box

Product image 1Red Natural Wine Box
Product image 2Red Natural Wine Box
Product image 3Red Natural Wine Box
Product image 4Red Natural Wine Box
Product image 5Red Natural Wine Box
Product image 6Red Natural Wine Box
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Product image 9Red Natural Wine Box

Regular price $183.95 Sale price $203.65


A lot of people have preferences on what kind of wines they drink, so if you or your loved one is only into reds, this is the perfect box for you!

For this box, we've taken 6 bottles (1 from each of our stocked producers) of what should be over $183.95 of natural wine and discounted it to $203.65 so that you can experience everything from light chillable reds to ones with a lot of heft and complex! 

Here's what's in the box:

Baraka | le petit domaine


The first of this cuvee from 2014. Bottled in 2015 and then left it in the cellar for 5 years in bottle. Baraka is an amazing wine for its ability to maintain incredible freshness and fruity notes while still retaining typicity for the grape. It's a light-drinking heavy wine that you'll be shocked has 5 years of age on it!

Blauer Portugieser | Nibiru


50/50 whole bunch and destemmed Blauer Portugieser grapes. Unfined, unfiltered, spontaneous fermentation. We recommend serving slightly chilled!

Valpolicella Superiore | Il Monte Caro


Superiore is made of slightly dried Rondinella, Corvinone, and Corvina grapes pressed and aged in steel. It has a Ripasso-like feel nose and taste profile without the Ripasso price tag. 

Perrico | Aldo Viola


This is a new one from Aldo with only 1500 bottles made in its first year. From the Perricone grape, it macerates for 2 weeks on its skins with no sulfer added. It's quite fresh and elegant with darker fruits and matching some heavier meals.

Picofino | Vinessens


Monastrell is typically quite tannic and this one is as well, so brace yourself! It's a lovely, BIG, and uncomplicated red wine that is perfect for rustic food and lots of meat. Perfect for a fall barbecue or a pig roast!

Le Vin de ma Cocotte | Domaine Mamaruta


100% Carignan from 100 year old vines. Soft tannins balance maturity and freshness. Spontaneous fermentation, unfined, unfiltered, 100% natural.

Moulin-a-Vent | David Large


Moulin-à-Vent is a Cru Beaujolais grown in a plot around 500 meters above sea level. It’s grown on a northwest-facing slope in a special pink (yes, pink!) granite. It’s pleasantly high-acid, with less tannin than you would expect from this particular Cru. For me, it smelled exactly like sour gummy worms. It’s one you’re guaranteed to want to keep drinking! It drinks more like one of the lighter crus than a traditional Moulin-à-Vent.

Pinot Noir | Domaine de l'Envol


This entry level Pinot Noir is a gorgeous and unpretentious look at how to create a crisp, clean medium-bodied Pinot, perfect for the fussiest wine drinkers

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