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Shiva Rosso & Bianco | Aldo Viola

Product image 1Shiva Rosso & Bianco | Aldo Viola
Product image 2Shiva Rosso & Bianco | Aldo Viola
Product image 3Shiva Rosso & Bianco | Aldo Viola

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Aldo Viola Shiva Pack

Here's a couple extra special Aldo Viola wines that we're bundling together. These wines are extremely limited quantity (12 bottles and 24 bottles, respectively for Rosso and Bianco, respectively.) Traditionally, Aldo's Shiva wines are made from the best plots of any given year. 

Shiva Rosso 2010:

Vintage: 2010 
Terre Siciliane 
 None Added 
Sulfites: 14% 
Spontaneous Fermentation  

80% Nero d'Avola, 20% Syrah 

The 2010 Shiva Red is a blend of Nero d'Avola Syrah. It has a silky texture and smokiness to it that pairs well with heavy meats. Round, full bodied, and smooth, this is a fantastic food wine. 

Shiva Bianco 2017:

Vintage: 2017  
Terre Siciliane 
 None Added 
Sulfites: 13% 
Spontaneous Fermentation  

100% Catarratto

The 2017 Shiva Bianco is 100% Catarratto. We think this Vivino review really says it all:

"An exquisite and unique nectar of the gods - deserving of its name, Shiva! This wine is so golden it's almost orange. Dried fruits with smoke and anise undertones. Dry and not cloying. The buff bods on the label are an added bonus. Another stunning Soif d'ailleurs discovery!"

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